Officers & Board Members

            Executive Board Members and Officers for 2018-2019
           Co-President                                     Shirley Woods
           Co-President                                     Virginia Moriarty
           Treasurer                                           Danielle Mandeville
           Secretary                                            Renee Kowal

Committee Chairpersons for 2018-2019
Marketing & Communication         Christine French
Membership                                       Colleen Gosselin, Gretchin Bade, Karen Velleman

Friendship Dinners                           Karen Velleman

Finance Committee                           Pat Bouwer

Winter Wonderland                          Ginny Moriarty

Ridge Run 5K                                      Shirley Woods 

Empty Bowls                                       Sheryl Sheridan

Thanksgiving Senior Lunch             Teresa Cantara

Scholarships                                        Lynn Landolina

Golf Outing & Dinner                        Colleen Gosselin

Pampered Chef                                   Kelly Burke


Purpose:    To determine disbursements of funds at the conclusion of the club year. 

Chairperson:   Pat Bouwer                                            



Purpose:    To solicit prospective new members, collect dues and plan the October Membership Dinner.  Annual dues of $30 are to be paid by all returning and newly installed members by the October Meeting.  This committee is also responsible for updating the club brochure.

Chairpersons:  Colleen Gosselin, Gretchin Bade, Karen Velleman



Purpose:    To notify the media of the club’s activities and to promote awareness of the club’s donations and community service projects to our town.  The chairperson also works with the club's committees to provide publicity for events. 

Chairperson:  Committee Heads/Executive Board                      



Purpose:    The club awards educational grants to East Granby High School seniors who plan to attend an institute of higher learning.  Applications are submitted to the Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of a chairperson, two club members and the club President.  Applications are reviewed anonymously and awards are presented at the graduation in June.  The club also awards grants to parents of preschoolers to enable their child to attend a preschool program in town.

Chairperson:  Lynn Landolina

Winter Wonderland

Purpose:    This event is held on a Saturday in December.  It is open to all children through grade 5, with two seatings.  The Fair includes games/prizes, crafts, refreshments, bake table, some fund-raising items and of course a visit with Santa! 

Chairpersons:  Ginny Moriarty


Friendship Dinners

Purpose: This position coordinates providing meals to club members in need.

Chairperson: Karen Velleman


Empty Bowls

Purpose:  In collaboration with Friend to Friend, help coordinate the Empty Bowls benefit on Saturday, October 5th.  This includes working with the donations committee to assist in obtaining soup donations, submitting the registration form to Talk Turkey in August, help with signs and getting assistance to set-up and serve the soups on the day of the event.

Chairperson:  Sheryl Sheridan


Senior Luncheons

Purpose:    To provide kitchen help for the Senior Citizen Club's Thanksgiving luncheon, held on the second Friday November at the East Granby Community Center.   

Chairperson:  Teresa Cantara



Purpose:    To solicit donations of goods, services or money from businesses and individuals in order to support the clubs fund-raising events and community service projects.

Chairperson:  All club members